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The rise of the subscription economy

Consumers and end-users increasingly demand access to convenient and digital services within both B2C and B2B arenas. They prefer access, experience, and service over the ownership of products. In response to these trends, more and more businesses are switching to subscription-based services instead of traditional one-time sales.

That’s why the Subscription Economy has grown by more than 350 percent in recent years, transforming consumer lifestyles and disrupting company business models. There is a good chance that your company could be a part of this. But what would it mean for your processes and structures? And how do you plan and implement the changes?

For over 10 years, Subscription Factory has helped companies to identify their subscription potential then guided them through all aspects of planning and implementation. 

If you would like us to contact you, please send an e-mail to Timo Zuidgeest (founder and CEO of the Subscription Factory).


Process Design

You might be a Scale-up company that wants to boost existing subscriptions. Alternatively, you might be a Re-inventor in search of completely new monetization models. Either way, you need to establish solid foundations before you go to market. By running several workshops we support customers by helping them to define the applicable use cases, process designs and a fit-for-the-future end-to-end architecture design. Zuora’s Nine Key Framework is one of our most commonly used tools.

Subscription Consultancy

Setting up the right subscription models is key to success in the Subscription Economy. Of course, we can never predict exactly which models will work best for you. But over the course of 45 projects we have gained valuable experience in terms of helping companies to identify the most viable models and approaches for their consumer base and market sector.

Zuora Services

Once clear processes have been established, Subscription Factory offers best in class Zuora consultancy services. Our staff is constantly trained in  new Zuora features so that they are able to deliver adequate support whenever and wherever it is needed. Partner tooling will be positioned when needed.

System Integration

More and more customers expect turnkey solutions for processes such as e-commerce/self-service portals and fulfillment automation. The good news is that, together with our partners, we can take care of your full Order to Cash automation in these areas.

Subscription Accountancy

The role of finance within a subscription model differs from standard accounting. We have consultants who are trained in this area. They will take you through the new accounting rules and the best practices for automating them.


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